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Weird is a side effect of awesome!

I have a secret. I’m supposed to be this perfect person without any flaws, never making any mistakes. Living life in a straight line. Of course I have never done this. What were you thinking? But if you can’t keep … Continue reading

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“Never give up. When your heart becomes tired, just walk with your legs – but move on.”

These days I go biking. To get fit, spend calories, the best excuse to eat afterwards. But also to let my mind run wild riding against the wind, between the trees, through puddles,… We have some lovely days. But other … Continue reading

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What’s in a name?

At the start of last summer (which never really was a summer), my dad’s sister died. For mysterious reasons (probably called “mama”) we hardly ever visited his side of the family. I went to the funeral anyway. The eldest son … Continue reading

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And so started a voyage

I sold my gold. And so started a voyage. Where better to start than Egypt and the time of the pharaohs. The recent Arab Spring still scares tourists away. Sometimes I think governments, journalists create a psychosis. Don’t go there! … Continue reading

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What about added value?

  It’s been a while since I blogged, I am so ashamed… It seems as if time came to a stand still after Xmas. With my two teenagers I returned to the French Riviera, the place I lived for 11 … Continue reading

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