From scrap to awesome

In September 2011 I wrote: Is scrap crap? So here I am: No, it’s not! This is the second year I am taking woodworking classes. At the end of class, I always dive in the big wood waste bin and collect whatever is in there for my fire place. Then I started looking at those pieces of wood, and some are actually quite nice. My student collegues have now started donating their scrap wood: “We thought you would like this!” Wonderful oak. And all of a sudden, in my mind, I had a small table with imperfect pieces of wood that no one wanted. Because they want perfect furniture… I aligned the pieces, made sure the sides were properly planed so I could glue them.

DSCN0721 IMG_3234

Once glued, I cut it straight and started sanding. A smooth top, just enough to put a glass on it (of course!) but still showing all the imperfections of the saw blades, cracks, torn pieces, … I want this table to be really glam. And as I have a big stock of lead-free pewter, ready to be recycled, I decided to give sand casting another try.






The set up was not easy. The pewter needed to fit around the wooden edge, so I had to make space, not only on the side, but also underneath in my big tub of sand. As I work alone, and do not have a helper to hold the piece whilst I am pouring liquid pewter, I had to invent a set up that would keep it just floating above the sand.

The result was great!

A few hours of sanding & polishing this to a smooth and shiny semi-precious metal gave this awesome result:

5 4






As you can imagine, I am very happy with my most perfect imperfect table! Just remember, it’s the little flaws that make you unique.

“Why fit in when you were born to stand out” – Dr Seuss


About Claire

As an eternal traveler and restless soul, I am always searching for ways to design my life. I have lived and worked in 7 different countries, and traveled to many more. Discovering new places, new people is what I love. My favourite thing is checking out local supermarkets for food products, have a taste of the local cuisine, and look at the arts & crafts shops. Of course a bit of sightseeing (historical, cultural, pure design, artistic,...) is a must too. Inspired to work with semi-precious metals, wood and other recycled materials, I have turned my creative energies towards craft based design, setting up a home and workshop in the countryside. Appropriately, My name means Hope. "Hope is the dream of a soul awake" is the personal statement. With Eternal Traveler - Design your life! I aspire to create a creative environment for functional art and life design. And with this reach out to like minded people.
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  1. Sue says:

    Just gorgeous, Claire – and what a gift, to be able to see the potential beauty in things that other people have thrown away. Please keep recycling and posting!

  2. Claire Claire says:

    Thanks Sue!

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