In the spirit of Christmas

and because I seem to have lost some pictures, here is my latest project:

A table I bought a few years ago, and which got sent to the dungeons. That is a low dark humid dusty storage space under my terrace. Mould on the wood. And the foot cracked from the humidity. Thankfully I take furniture making classes!! I took it to class this morning, and my teacher kindly planed the wooden halves, which were a bit crooked because humidity made the wood swell. However the machine to make the holes for the “cookies” was the wrong size. He’ll bring his own machine next week. So just painted, distressed and waxed the table while waiting to do that. And put my mini Christmas tree on it.


Mini Xmas tree because I don’t want pine needles everywhere, and I have too much upcycling furniture sitting around waiting for the next coat of paint.

Lovely detail: Xmas candy!

I hope you are enjoying all the Xmas preparations too! Now tomorrow I will get my camera out again, and photograph those projects that are finished and waiting to be seen by you.


About Claire

As an eternal traveler and restless soul, I am always searching for ways to design my life. I have lived and worked in 7 different countries, and traveled to many more. Discovering new places, new people is what I love. My favourite thing is checking out local supermarkets for food products, have a taste of the local cuisine, and look at the arts & crafts shops. Of course a bit of sightseeing (historical, cultural, pure design, artistic,...) is a must too. Inspired to work with semi-precious metals, wood and other recycled materials, I have turned my creative energies towards craft based design, setting up a home and workshop in the countryside. Appropriately, My name means Hope. "Hope is the dream of a soul awake" is the personal statement. With Eternal Traveler - Design your life! I aspire to create a creative environment for functional art and life design. And with this reach out to like minded people.
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One Response to In the spirit of Christmas

  1. Numen 3 says:

    J’aime bcp toutes les photos et commentaires que t’as dans ton blog !
    Je viens de voir seulement la pub et photos de le marché de Noël,sapin … super!
    Je continnue à travailler sur le mien mais dur,dur !
    Quand reviens tu?

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